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**Harold and the Purple Crayon: Spark Creativity with this Classic Children’s Book**
**H2: Dive into the Imaginative World of Harold and the Purple Crayon**
**H3: Discover the Magic of Harold and the Purple Crayon Today!**
Unlock your child’s creativity with Harold and the Purple Crayon, a beloved children’s book that encourages imagination and artistic expression. Follow Harold’s adventures as he creates his own world using his trusty purple crayon. Perfect for preschoolers and early readers, this timeless tale will inspire young minds and spark a love for storytelling. Get your copy of Harold and the Purple Crayon today and let the magic unfold!

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Harold and the Purple Crayon
**Harold and the Purple Crayon: Unleash Your Imagination with this Classic Children’s Book**
Welcome to the enchanting world of Harold and the Purple Crayon, a beloved children’s book that has captivated young readers for generations. Join Harold on his magical adventures as he uses his trusty purple crayon to create a world of wonder and excitement.
**H2: Unleash Your Imagination**
Let your creativity soar as you follow Harold’s journey through a world of endless possibilities. With just a purple crayon in hand, Harold shows that imagination knows no bounds.
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In Harold and the Purple Crayon, readers are transported into a whimsical universe where anything is possible. Follow Harold as he embarks on daring escapades, drawing his way out of tricky situations and crafting an extraordinary world of his own making. This timeless tale celebrates the power of imagination and the joy of creative exploration.
**H2: Rediscover a Classic**
Rediscover the magic of Harold and the Purple Crayon, a classic story that continues to inspire and delight readers of all ages. Share this timeless masterpiece with your little ones and watch as they are swept away by Harold’s imaginative adventures.
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Keywords: Harold and the Purple Crayon, classic, story, inspire, delight, readers, all ages, masterpiece, imaginative adventures.
Immerse yourself in the enchanting world of Harold and the Purple Crayon, where creativity knows no bounds and every page is a new opportunity for adventure. Whether you’re a longtime fan or discovering this timeless tale for the first time, this beloved children’s book is sure to captivate and inspire. Order your copy today and let your imagination run wild with Harold and his purple crayon.

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September 2015




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8 reviews for Harold and the Purple Crayon,

  1. User

    I recently ran into the paperback version of this book and sent a copy to my brother – Harold – to read to his kids. I remembered reading it when we were kids. When he received it in the mail, he called to thank me and shared something very special. Harold is dyslexic and recalls that this book was one of the few he could read and relate to as a child. He is an electrical contractor and to this day, he ONLY uses a purple crayon on his jobs to mark electrical outlets and boxes. So – if your ever in Boulder,Co. and you happen to see a big blonde guy on a construction sight drawing outlets in purple – Well – that’s Harold and his purple crayon.

  2. User

    I read this book when I borrowed it from the library in my elementary school. I am now 18, and still reminisce on my beloved journeys around the world in a hot air balloon with Harold. This is the book that I borrowed for the first time, and then got it later again and again. It is one of the first books that ever opened my mind up to the total loss of imagination to all possibilities. Every time I read it I would think of many more adventures Harold could have had with his mystical purple crayon. Even to this day, I can think of no better book to give a child’s imagination a glimpse of what possibilities there are. It is easy reading for the youngest of believers, but gives thought of what could be to even the oldest readers. I personally was not a child who favored reading, but this book was one of the few that I thoroughly enjoyed. It was one that I would read in the library while the class was still in it, and then would bring home for further enjoyment. I cannot recommend this book higher for any child whose imagination can run wild.

  3. User

    My mother teaches preschool to mostly Spanish-speakers, so this was a must have. A very good translation of the beloved English classic.

  4. User

    Yes, I am a 45 year old man writing a review for a children’s book, and, no, I do not think that I ought to be ashamed of myself. A short while ago I stumbled upon a copy of this book by accident and I could’t believe the flood of warm and pleasant memories that it brought back. This was perhaps my favorite childhood book, along with the sequels. Maybe this was because from my earliest memories I always wanted to be an artist, and that is what Harold was, an artist with a magic purple crayon. He was more than an artist, he was a creator of worlds. That was important, he wasn’t presented as a trivial person doing “art”, he was the creative force behind whole new worlds. Or “co-creator”, for he often seemed as surprised as the reader at what flowed out of that crayon. While I didn’t become an artist, I did work for most of my life as a draftsman and designer. I’ve seen many, many things in the real world start life as a drawing on my board or computer screen. I think that I kept faith with Harold….

  5. User

    This splendid little book starts with the protagonist, Harold, “…thinking it over for some time” and deciding to go for a walk in the moonlight. This may seem unremarkable, but it is not. There is no moon. There is nothing to walk on. There is nowhere to go. For the only things that are real are Harold and the purple crayon. Otherwise, the universe in which he finds himself is apparently empty; nothing else is present. But what does nothing look like? It looks like nothing – a blank sheet of paper. But that kind of nothing is just exactly what is needed when what one is holding in one’s hand is a purple crayon. And so the adventure gets underway. The first thing Harold does on setting out is draw a horizontal line. This may seem unimportant, but it is not. For what he has drawn is the horizon, and this means that now he is standing on the ground. He can walk on it too… Next he draws the moon (necessary if the walk is indeed to be in the moonlight). Harold draws it above the horizon – this means that it is in the sky. Now there is a reference point for height, and a world of three dimensions has come into being. Off he goes, drawing a path, a forest (with only one tree so he won’t get lost in it) and a dragon to guard the apples that are growing in the tree. Here the creator encounters unintended consequences, as the dragon that he has wrought is so fearsome as to frighten even him. Harold backs away, his hand shaking, inadvertently drawing a wavy line as he goes. The wavy line traces out waves, and before he knows it, Harold is underwater in an ocean. He rescues himself by drawing a boat and makes his way to an unknown distant shore. The rest of the story is about Harold’s trying to find his way back home. On the way there are more adventures as Harold searches far and wide. He creates an entire city with many windows but none of them is his. But then, he remembers how he used to see the moon through the window of his room. And all that is needed for homecoming is to draw a box around the moon – now he is inside looking out. As Harold draws his bed around him and goes to sleep, I found myself pondering what’s real and what is not, and reflecting on those moments when we wonder where we really are and how we ever got to be here.

  6. Debra

    My granddaughter ydia first learning to read can read it now by herself and likes this book so much! We both enjoy hearing it together…

  7. Becca

    A classic enjoyed by our children and now our grandchildren!

  8. Sharon

    My three and four year old like this book. My three year old went through a few week phase of wanting to read this book every night. It encourages using your imagination.

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