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**Kidnapped: A Thrilling Adventure Novel for Young Readers**
**Discover the gripping tale of a young protagonist who gets kidnapped** in this exciting adventure novel for kids. Follow along as the story unfolds, filled with **suspense, danger, and bravery** as the protagonist navigates through unexpected challenges. With **captivating storytelling** and **exciting plot twists**, this book is perfect for young readers seeking an **action-packed** read. Get your copy of “Kidnapped” today and embark on an unforgettable journey.

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**Kidnapped: A Thrilling Adventure Novel for Young Readers**
**H2: Engaging Storyline with Exciting Plot Twists**
In the heart-pounding novel “Kidnapped,” young readers are taken on a thrilling adventure through a captivating storyline filled with suspense, mystery, and unexpected twists. Set against the backdrop of a daring kidnapping, this book keeps readers on the edge of their seats from start to finish.
**H3: Captivating Characters and Rich Descriptions**
Follow the protagonist as they navigate through a series of challenges and obstacles, showcasing courage, resilience, and determination in the face of danger. With vivid descriptions and engaging dialogues, readers are transported into a world where every moment counts, making “Kidnapped” a page-turner that is hard to put down.
**H2: Educational and Inspirational Themes for Young Minds**
Not just a tale of adventure, “Kidnapped” also explores important themes such as bravery, friendship, and the power of hope. Through the characters’ journeys, young readers are inspired to face their fears, stand up for what’s right, and believe in the strength of unity and perseverance.
**H3: Perfect for Middle Grade Readers and Fans of Action-Packed Stories**
Ideal for middle-grade readers looking for an exciting read, “Kidnapped” offers a blend of action, suspense, and heartwarming moments that appeal to a wide audience. Whether you’re a fan of adventure novels or enjoy stories with strong protagonists, this book is sure to captivate your imagination and leave you eagerly turning the pages.
**H2: Unlock the Thrills of “Kidnapped” Today**
Discover the gripping tale of “Kidnapped” and immerse yourself in a world of mystery and intrigue. With its compelling narrative, well-developed characters, and pulse-pounding suspense, this novel is a must-read for young readers seeking an unforgettable literary adventure. Order your copy now and experience the excitement for yourself!

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Release Date

August 1982


Atheneum Books


289 Pages


1.40 lbs.


1.4" x 7.4" x 9.3"

Age Range

9 to 12 years

Grade Range

Grades 4 to 7


Robert Louis Stevenson



4 reviews for Kidnapped,

  1. User

    “Kidnapped” is the second of Stevenson’s two most famous adventure novels, the other being “Treasure Island.” The novel is not only a marvelous tale of adventure, friendship and suspense, but is also an exploration of the eighteenth-century Scottish culture. Through brilliant use of dialect and faithful imitation of the Scottish Highlanders, Stevenson conveys to us the life of the Highland rogue during that period. Also, the book can be viewed as a story of a sixteen-year-old’s passage to manhood, achieved through risk-taking, friendships and bravery. An essential read.

  2. User

    I find that Mr. Stevenson is a very talented writer because his story was described excellently and the suspense seemed very real.Kidnapped is the story of a young man’s adventures. This particular young man was named David Balfour. After his parents passed away David set off in search of his rich uncle, to find himself a new home. Little did he know that on his arrival that his uncle would try to chase him away with a gun, and would be the most miserly person David had ever met. For fear of having to feed David, the uncle had him kidnapped aboard a ship that would take him to America to work on the plantations. Due to an unexpected change in the weather, however, the ship was wrecked on the coast of Scotland, and there the adventure began.On the back of the novel it says that this book has been enjoyed by generations and shall be enjoyed for generations to come. When I chose to read this novel I wasn’t sure if that statement would be true. I was pleasantly surprised. I really enjoyed the story, I found it to be well written and exciting. I looked forward to the end because I was curious to see what would happen. I’d say any book that is good enough to be deemed a classic has an importance all it’s own. I have not read many classics but I find this book important because it holds a lot of information pertaining to the history and culture of Scotland and it’s people. In other words, this is a great story, read it!

  3. User

    I don’t have to review this classic story, but just the illustrations, which are totally wonderful! I almost always buy a particular children’s book by its illustrations, and the ones in this book are fantastic!

  4. User

    Originally written as a boy’s adventure novel, modern readers will probably consider it more a book for adults. My father gave it to me when I was eight, after I’d read _Treasure Island_, and I disliked it then immensely, put off by the lack of plot movement, the Scots dialect, and the total absence of pirates. Re-reading it now on the Kindle, I admit it’s a lot more enjoyable, partly because the Kindle’s dictionary helps translate some of the Scots dialect, partly because I’m a more mature reader. The plot is fairly straightforward (skip this paragraph if you want to avoid spoilers): Our Hero, David Balfour, is tricked out of his rightful inheritance by an evil uncle, shanghaied, shipwrecked, partnered with a historical figure (one Alan Breck Stewart) and caught up in the events of an unsolved historical mystery (the “Appin Murder”). The body of the novel is a day-by-day description of their flight through the Scottish highlands, on the run from the Redcoat troops searching them out. Overall, the novel succeeds in creating some degree of tension and suspense, especially in the first half or so, with some classic melodrama elements. The latter half of the novel drags a bit, though, and would probably be less appealing to younger readers and more enjoyable for readers more interested in Stevenson’s prose style. There is a great deal of Scots dialect, but the most obscure words are footnoted and some (but not all) of the less-obscure words are in the Kindle’s dictionary. Overall, I’d recommend this highly to a fan of books like Sir Walter Scott’s _Waverly_ or _Rob Roy_, or to anyone who had a particular love of historical fiction set in the 18th-century scottish highlands. There is a sequel, written by Stevenson, with the alternate titles of _David Balfour_ and _Catriona_. Those wishing more information about the “Appin Murder” can find a chapter discussing it in Andrew Lang’s “Historical Mysteries” (also available as a free Kindle download).

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