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Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain: A Course in Enhancing Creativity and Artistic Confidence,


The War of Art: Break Through the Blocks and Win Your Inner Creative Battles,

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The Artist’s Way: A Spiritual Path to Higher Creativity,


(9 customer reviews)

H2: Unlock Your Creative Potential with The Artist’s Way: A Spiritual Path to Higher Creativity
H3: Discover the transformative power of creativity through this renowned program
Are you looking to **boost your creativity** and **unleash your artistic potential**? The Artist’s Way is a **spiritual path** that guides you through a **journey of self-discovery** and **inspiration**. With **practical exercises** and **guidance**, this program will help you **overcome creative blocks** and **nurture your creative spirit**. Start your **creative journey** today with The Artist’s Way!

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The Artist’s Way: A Spiritual Path to Higher Creativity
**Unlock Your Creativity with The Artist’s Way: A Spiritual Guide to Enhancing Your Artistic Journey**
**H2: Embrace Your Creative Potential with The Artist’s Way**
If you’re looking to **boost your creativity**, The Artist’s Way is the perfect companion for your artistic journey. This renowned book, written by Julia Cameron, provides a **spiritual path** to **higher creativity**, guiding you through a series of **exercises** and **practices** designed to tap into your **inner artist**.
**H3: Explore the Power of Creative Recovery**
Discover the power of **creative recovery** as you delve into the pages of The Artist’s Way. With a focus on **self-discovery** and **personal growth**, this book helps you unleash your **imagination** and break through **creative blocks** that may be holding you back.
**H3: Transform Your Life through Artistic Expression**
By following the **step-by-step program** outlined in The Artist’s Way, you’ll learn to **nurture your creativity**, **cultivate inspiration**, and **embrace artistic expression** in all aspects of your life. Whether you’re an **aspiring artist**, **writer**, **musician**, or simply seeking to reconnect with your **creative side**, this book is a must-read.
**H2: Why Choose The Artist’s Way for Your Creative Journey**
– **Practical tools** and **exercises** to ignite your creativity
– **Insightful guidance** on overcoming creative challenges
– **Inspiring anecdotes** and **success stories** to motivate you
– **Proven techniques** to enhance your artistic skills
Don’t let your creativity remain untapped – embark on a transformative journey with The Artist’s Way and unleash your full artistic potential today!
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July 1992




222 Pages


1.11 lbs.


0.8" x 7.4" x 9.0"

Age Range

18 years and up

Grade Range

Postsecondary and higher

9 reviews for The Artist’s Way: A Spiritual Path to Higher Creativity,

  1. User

    Reading “The Artist’s Way” & actually doing some of the key things can change your life. Morning pages are one of the key things (others include a weekly artist date & the use of affirmations) & this is a great volume to start in. I’m a slow learner so I actually went through four of these before I bought my own blank-paged journals. Things I like about this volume include that it forced me to fill a certain amount of space: there are three pages for each day & that’s what Cameron wants you to do & this volume gives a very good guide of how much writing is desirable. I also like the quotations, the summaries of the goals for the coming week & even the potentially cheesy contract with myself to commit to the process. Time IS an issue & Cameron’s 30 minutes is at least at the beginning optimistic, though that’s what I now generally use. At first it might take longer, even significantly longer, but it’s well worth it. I started writing morning pages in November 1998. Three years later, I am still writing them. They are a wonderful tool toward a clear head & the working through of issues & about the only thing I believe someone can do wrong in using them is to be afraid of letting whatever comes out come out. Coincidentally (I don’t THINK so) I started serious work on my first, non-fiction book at the same time I started morning pages & three years later I’m very close to finishing it, so I know the program works. It also goes very well with 12 Step programs, for people in those. If you buy this journal, also buy “The Artist’s Way,” the book that lays it all out … & consider some of Cameron’s little books of affirmations, which are outstanding. This is a wonderful tool and deserves five stars.

  2. User

    Having read previous reviews on this book and having dabbled with creativity on and off most of my life, finally, I decided to take the plunge and see if this book could change my life.WELL? DOES IT WORK, DOES IT CHANGE YOUR LIFE?Has it? Well Yes and no.I’m not putting out massive works of art or prose, nor am I comfortable with even the pencil sketches I do. However, I am doing them again. I’ve had fits and starts of drawing, but this book does help you put that into perspective. You are a beginner and it is okay for your work to look like a beginners. Simple concept. Hard to internalize.INTERESTING OUTCOME.What I did find and others who use this program can probably confirm is that it helps get situations out in the open. Family stuff. When you do the morning pages, you ramble. You put down all that trash you are thinking and then you find you work to clean it up. You know all the stuff your kids, your spouse, your co-workers do, that really tick you off. You find you start to address that. Kind of a neat by-product.MORNING PAGES ARE NOT SO BAD:My first take on this, is dedicate a half an hour of my precious and sparse sleeping time…..? What are you nuts? Then I tried it. You have a clarity (and a drowsiness) in the AM, that is unmatchable any other time. Also, if you are like me get a whole lot less interruptions. I did the morning pages from 5:15 till 6:00 AM weekdays and after I got up on weekends. Weekends, sometimes I didn’t get to them until afternoon. But, each day (except for 1 day in 12 weeks) they were religiously done.Guess what? I’m hooked. I’m continuing and you might too. Consider this as a book (a life), you are writing, you are directing. What a concept!MORNING PAGES LENGTH:With the Artist’s way book, I bought the journal. These 3 pages were the size of 8-1/2 X 11 pages. 3 pages do not take you 1/2 hour but more like 45 minutes to an hour. Get ready for that. It seems like a lot some days and not enough on others. You don’t need a special book to do this in either. I bought a spiral notebook to pick up where the journal left off, when it was full. The journal is nice though as it has passages from the book on each page.ARTISTS DATES:I found that some of the timing of the artist dates were bad. I’m sure most others will run into this as well. I did this book through the Thanksgiving, Christmas holiday. Artist’s dates were often dropped and sometimes one did double-duty. However, these can be very simple. You have to make them what is important to you and that is the point of the book. It makes you feel special. I think all of us wait for others to make us feel special. Most of us could wait a very long time. Little do we realize, we have to set the standard. Make ourselves feel special. Because we are. We have to appeal to the artist within us. It can be simple or extravagant. One thing I like is pens with a 1.0mm tip. They use ink like crazy, but what a wonderful broad stroke th

  3. User

    I purchased this book about 3 years ago. I have read it continously the past 3 years. I have given it as gifts to numerous friends and family. I am not a professional artist by any means…I sell electronic components/widgets. For years I knew I wanted to get in touch with my “creative” side, but couldn’t find the how to’s or make the “time”..sorry excuses. Well, this book came into my life and I started following Ms. Cameron’s exercises…A whole new world opened up for me. I started noticing simple things, like birds! Flowers blooming, sunlight reflecting on the pond down the street from where I live. And I followed her MUST DO instructions of keeping a Morning Journal. One must write LONG HAND 3 pages of stream of consciousness ramblings. You can write isn’t an exercise in creative writing. It is a ritual of clearing your self out so you can allow NEW stuff to enter into your creative soul. I recommend this book very highly to EVERYONE!Artist, salesperson, auto mechanic, mother, teenager..everyone can benefit from this easy and enjoyable book to read.

  4. User

    When I purchased the journal, I didn’t know exactly the impact the journal would have. As I followed Ms. Cameron’s instructions, I became amazed as to what was happening with creativity in my life. I recommend the book and the journal to anyone who is willing to be challenged by the concept of creativity.

  5. User

    So this isn’t a review as I have not read the whole book yet. ( I know it’ll be great) This is a question for others who have bought this book, did anyone else receive a crow feather within the first few pages? I opened the book and it just fell out!

  6. Shay

    I thought i was ordering the book, but somehow I ended up with the journal. Pretty disappointed

  7. IvoryCrystal

    When the book arrived I quickly opened it and began to scan what I was about to delve into. The book is intriguing and I am still going to read at some point. However, the book that I received was water damaged which alone is fine but the book had mold all through it which is a health hazard. Had to toss. Unfortunately, very disappointing…

  8. The Artist Way Morning Pages Journal

    I was mortified to receive this journal already full. It has a pretty famous person private writings.

  9. Jen Ceron

    This book basically tells the reader about the importance of keeping a journal. Honestly is a big theme and “the artist” should have the space to express themselves as freely as they can in order for new thoughts, ideas and feelings to arrive. A candid journal is best kept secret. Didn’t need 273 pages to know that, it gets pretty repetitive.

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